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It’s officially fall! And while that means hikes, tailgates and trips to the farm, it also means dirty floors, cluttered counters and dusty shevels.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like in fall in particular, I have to work over time to keep my home clean. So every time fall rolls around, I find myself stocking up on some of my favorite cleaning products.

For some years now, I’ve been using Grove.co to buy the majority of my cleaning supplies. I’ve I’ve talked about this several times but, I try my best to live as sustainable as I can. Grove.co offers a range of sustainable and eco friendly products for all of your in home needs.

Recently, I’ve also discovered Marley’s Monster, a brand local here to the PNW that specializes in zero waste products, so on top of being sustainable, its also friendly to your pockets.

So for todays’s bonus blog, I want to share with you what I picked up from Grove.co and Marley’s Monsters and why I think you should add these items to your cart immediately.

Save with Rakuten

Grove.co is one of the 100’s of companies that offers cash back rebates through Rakuten. It makes it so easy to get automatic cash back from my favorite shops and I’m able to put the money save to good use. I just simply open up the Rakuten app first before I shop if I’m on mobile or use my browser extension to let me known when rebates are available when I’m on my desktop.

Currently, Grove.Co is offering 2% cash back with all purchases when you shop with Rakuten. And new Rakuten users and earn and extra $30 cash back with a qualifying purchase.

Especially with inflation and just how expensive cleaning products can get, I always like to share ways ya’ll can keep saving a bit of coin. If you’re not a member yet, use this link here to sign up today.

Un-paper Towels

I have talked about these in my Portland blog, but these flannel squares can be used exactly like paper towel. And when you’re done, just toss them in the wash to be used all over again.

While we still do use regular paper towels for really dirty and gross messes, we’ve mostly been using then un-paper towels and have seen a huge reduction on the amount of waste he had been producing.

We toss our used towels in a tiny basket we picked up from Target’s Bully’s playground and when we’re ready, wash them in this washing machine form Amazon and hang them to dry. once dried, we then stack them together and re roll them unto the reusable towel roll and hang it back up in our kitchen.

These have been very convenient especially when cooking or baking as I can use them to cover food up as well.

We picked up this cute white lemon print to add to our collection this time around, thought I’m keeping my eyes out for a more fall looking print.

Shop Un-paper towels on Grove.co here

Mrs. Myers Soaps and Refills

I picked up some soap refills from Grove.co as well since it’s cheaper to get it from them than at my local store.

While they don’t offer many scents for their refill collection, they do have some wonderful smells. I think my favorite of this time of year is the oat blossom, as it gives me a little sweetness and spice in the notes–prefect for the fall. I add these soaps to our hands free soap dispensers from Simply Human and it makes it really easy for the kids when they’re washing their hands.

I’m in love with their fall line of scents though so I did end up picking up a few bottles of their Spiced Acorn, Apple Cider and Mum hand soaps. These smell INCREDIBLE and the scent lingers for a while. They also offer these in a dish soap and I love using it as a general cleaner mixed with warm water. I’ll use this mixture to clean walls and counter tops and it leaves our house smelling clean and spicy for the fall time.

Shop hand soaps on Grove.co here

Washable Sponge

For a while now, Stephen and I have been using either a walnut or luffa sponge for our dishes. And while we love them (and love that they are easily composted) We end up going through a lot of them.

So we decided to try out these ones from Marley’s Monsters. We again went with the lemon motif for this sponge since felt like it would go best with our kitchen.

We’ve haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet, so I can’t speak to how well it uses. But I do like the fact that we can toss it in the dishwasher to clean it and then keep using it. From the reviews I’ve read, these sponges will last anywhere from 6-9 months and can be taken apart and recycled when done so I think this will be a good option for us.

While we did go with the Marley’s Monsters option for ourselves, I have seen several brands on Etsy sell a similar product for a little less.

Shop sustainable sponges on Grove.co here

Swedish Dishtowels

Swedish Dishtowels are an eco-friendly replacement for sponges and paper towels made up for cellulose and cotton. They generally come with cute little prints and are absorbent and long lasting.

While I don’t use mine as a sponge (I prefer some grit with my sponge) I do use them to wipe down my kitchen and tables instead of the un-paper towels.

Again, we don’t uses these for any narely messes that might have been made, for for the vast majority of kitchen messes or general clean ups, we just use these and toss them in the wash when we are done.

I use to get these from Grove.Co as a freebie with our orders and have collected a lot. But I went ahead and ordered these two prints featured above because I thought they were great for fall.

While I do like these ones from Grove.Co and recommend them, I have also found some cheaper prints on Amazon.

Shop Swedish Dishtowels here

Grove.co Dish Soaps

I didn’t know that Grove.co made dish soaps, but they recommended them to me, so I decided to try them out.

I love that they come in an aluminum bottle to help reduce plastic waste. Thought the top component isn’t really easy for getting product out. I think what I’ll do is add it to the soap dispenser that we have in the kitchen instead so we can easily pour out a small amount at a time.

Despite the slight issues I may have with how the packing functions, the soap itself is very nice and smells so good as well! We tried the Spiced Pumpkin and Mulled Apple and they both have strong and delisouly fall smelling scents. Price wise they’re also not too bad for a dish soap so I would recommend folks trying them out.

Shop Dishsoaps on Grove.Co here

Washable Duster

Our house always gets so dusty this time of year and I’m constantly wiping and dusting shelves off.

I have used the Swifter duster for years and it really does work well, but again, I wanted to try something that was more sustainable. So I decided to order the washable duster as well.

These are made from bamboo fleece and pick up dust very well! I haven’t had the chance to wash it yet so I can’t tell you how it holds up afterwards, But again, it has really good reviews so I have high hopes

I do know that microfiber cloths will do a really good job of dusting off surfaces too and these can be picked up quite cheaply. So if you’re looking for a reusable dusting option but don’t want to spend a lot of money, I would try one of these options.

Shop reusable dusters on Grove.co

Pot Covers

I do a lot of cooking, especially in the fall in winter, which means we go through a ton of foil. While I do try to re purpose the foil for use in my gardens, I figured these pot covers would help us drastically reduce our use of foil.

They come in 2 shapes (circler and rectangular) with 3 sizes (small, medium and large) and they fit your standard sized pans and pot.

They are adjustable too so you can make sure you’re getting a snug fit.

I can defiantly see these getting a lot of use during major football game parties and Thanksgiving.

While I do think these are a bit on the expensive side, they are also reusable so in the long run you’ll end up saving money

Shop pan covers on Grove.co here

Final thoughts on reusable products from Grove.co

Especially with the economy being what it is, I love the idea of quality, reusable items that will have a positive impact on the environment and save me money.

If I had to recommend just one product from this list here, I would defiantly tell you to go for the un-paper towels. Our family of 5 was going through about a Costco sized pack of paper towels a month before switching over to these.

And while we do still use the traditional paper towels here and there, we still have the majority of the pack we bought at the end of August. I foresee this being a great investment for us.

Overall though, sustainable products are great for the earth and your budget and I hope this haul has encouraged you to look around and see what sustainable and reusable products you can add to your cleaning routine.

And with the change of season happing, now is a great time to stock up on what you need through Grove.co as well as take advantage of cash back offers through Rakuten.

What are some of the sustainable products you like using for your home? Let us hear down below!

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