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So I’m going to admit it–I’m not the type of person to do a lot of editing on my phone. I much prefer editing on my iMac or laptop.

But there are times when I snap a quick photo while I’m out and about and don’t really wanna go back to my desk to edit them. So having the ability to edit on my phone or table is really nice.

I have been a big fan of Lightroom now for years. It really expedited my workflow once I got the hang of it and I love that the mobile version is free.

I can see why so many people enjoy using it too, especially mama’s who just want to get nice photos of their families quick without having to deal with a lot of hoopla.

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I’m defiantly a preset and overlay kinda gal here. Using presets can give continuity to your photos and makes editing a ton of them at once a breeze. And since I have been using Lightroom for forever and a day at this point, I have a huge collection of them on my computers.

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But did you know you can use presets on Lightroom mobile too? Even if you don’t have the desktop version? The process is incredibly easy and quick, so I figured that I would take a moment to detail it for you all here.

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Prep: Unzip and save

Note: If you’re using my presets from my email list, you can skip right over this step

If your presets came to you in a zipped file, then you’ll need to do this step on a computer. But this is the only step that you’ll need to do on a computer. Right click on your file to unzip it. You should be left with a .dng file

Step 1: Save Your .DNG file to your phone

If you had to unzip your presets or downloaded your presets to you computer first, then you’ll want to get them moved over to your phone.

If you’re using a Mac and iPhone, you can save these .dng files to your iCloud or Photos and then retrieve them on your phone. Alternatively, you can email the unzipped files to yourself and download them onto your phone this way.

Other wise, just download the files as you normally would on your phone. Save the photos to a location where you can easily find them. When using my presets, Dropbox will give you the option to automatically open and save them to Lightroom.

Step 2: Add Your Preset to Lightroom

Open Lightroom on your phone and select ‘add photo’. It will give you the option to select from your camera roll.

Locate and select your .dng file and it will import into Lightroom.

This photo will become your preset for Lightroom mobile.

Note: You’re dng. file may appear blank when you first import it. That’s okay, it should still work!

Step 3: Use Your Preset

Select and open your preset in Lightroom mobile.

Press on the top far right icon on your screen (a circle with three dots). A list will pop up. Select “Copy settings” and then select “ok”.

Go back to “All photos” and select or import the photo you wish to edit.

Press again on the top far right icon on your screen (a circle with three dots), and select “Paste settings”.

And wah-la! You have successfully added your preset to your picture.

At this point, make any minor adjustments that you need to your picture and save it to your phone.

Late Summer Haze preset. Join our mailing list to get FREE!

That was easy wasn’t it? Once you get the hang of it, the whole process takes about a minute or two and you’ll have beautifully edited photos without having to spend hours trying to figure out what you’re doing in Lightroom.

And for an even quicker process, be sure to sign up for my email list and download my limited edition presets there directly to your phone.

Anyways, I hope this was useful for you! let me know how it works out for you below!


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