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I have chatted a few time about FabFitFun across my social media accounts and a long story short, I absolutely LOVE their subscription service.

If you don’t know already, FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription service that sends you between 7-10 full sized products with a total value of $200+ for only $50.

If you’re wondering how FabFitFun can offer these products so cheaply, its because they’ve partnered with many of the top brands to buy these products wholesale in order to get us the best deals.

So rather than just talk about what I got in my latest box (and I got some pretty great stuff) I figured that I would share with ya’ll the top 5 things that I have gotten from FabFitFun since I started using their service over a year ago.

Many of these things are items that I use daily and most of them are valued at a higher price that what I paid for the whole box!

Really though, make sure you check out FabFitFun after you finish this post and start your subscription. and be sure to use code: JUST4YOU to get your fist box for 40% off too.


This heat pad was in my first ever FabFitFun box over a year ago now, and it’s probably my favorite items. I have chronic issues with back spasms, so its nice to have a nice pack that’s portable and that can heat up fast and freeze quickly.

Probably the best thing about this pad is that it retains heat super well, so I don’t have to keep getting up to warm it. This originally retails for $18, so it comes in at about 40% of what you would pay for a FabFitFun box.

Quay Australia Vivienne

I was really skeptical of these sunnies before, because I’m cheap and buy most of my sunglasses for $20 bucks of less. But I was presently surprised when I got these. They fit super well on my face, are pretty sturdy and look really good!

This particular pair retails for about $65, so $15 more than what you would pay for a box full of items.

A long with my Teami face routine, I can honestly say that the Foreo Luna mini 2 has made such a difference in my postpartum skin. What I love most about the Luna mini 2 is that it can take readings of your face and give you a skin care regiment tailored to you. And the fact that it’s silicon based means that its not holding on to bacteria that can case breakouts.

This on it’s own retails for $139, so I saved SOOOO much more getting it in my box rather than buying it separately.

Hawaiian Black Lava Body Caviar

I love a good body scrub so I was really happy to see this in my box last year. Clearly, it didn’t disappoint! This body scrub feels so luxurious and leaves your skin feeing clean and baby smooth. It’s become an ultimate treat for long stressful days for me and I will for sure keep this product stocked up in my bath.

This scrub retails for $48 new, so it’s comparable to the price of the entire box itself.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate

I’ve heard so many rave reviews about this exfoliant, but was always a bit hesitant to fork over the cash for a bottle, just in case I didn’t like it. Well I’m happy to report that I do indeed think it’s worth the price. This exfoliant leave my skin looking glow-y and renewed and feeling so soft. Plus I really enjoy the smell of it.

ExfoliKate retails for $85 on it’s own, so again, this product has a higher value than they price you’re paying for a box.

Bonus Mention: MUMU Brie Robe

I had to mention this robe, because I”ve pretty much wear this EVERY DAY in the morning and in the evening. It’s just so dang comfortable! This robe retails for $84 on their site ($56 on Amazon!), so I probably wouldn’t have bought it on my own, but it’s just another great example of the great value you’re getting with the FabFitFun boxes.

If you had any lingering questions about if the boxes were worth it, then I hope this post helped to give you the answers.

Clearly, I’m very happy with my choice to use this service and I feel like its the only beauty and lifestyle subscription box you need. I have saved so much money on items I’ve always wanted to try and I love that they give you full sized products to boot!

If you’re convinced that you want a box now, then help me out and use this link right here to get yours! and don’t forget to use code: JUST4YOU at checkout to get 40% of your first order.

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