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With Father’s Day JUST around the conner, it’s time to start thinking about the prefect gift to to show your gratitude for the dads in your life.

I feel like shopping for dads can be a tricky thing, because often times, they have no clue as to what they want. It can be a frustrating task making sure that your gift is prefect, when your recipient has zero idea on what they want.

This has been my situation with Stephen for every gift giving holiday for the past 6 years.

Fortunately, I have 10 great gift ideas that are prefect for any dad– no matter his style or personality, that will be great for Fathers Day. Feel free to use these ideas for the dads in your life and let me know which ones you like down below!

Key case

While this might seem like a useless gift, it is far from it. I gave this as a gift to Stephen shortly after we found out we were having Edison, and he uses it daily. If the dad in your life is anything like Stephen, everything goes into his pockets. So this case will help keep his keys organized while also protecting the other items in his pocket.

Card holder

This is another very practical yet great gift to give. Tradition wallets can be very bulky. So if the dad in your life only needs to carry a few cards with him, try out this gift.

Utility multi-tool

Stephen never leaves home without this and strongly encouraged me to add it to the list. Stephen has had his since before we met (over a decade!) and its always coming in hand when you least expect it too.

Messenger bag/backpack

If the dad you’re shopping for travels a lot, or needs to bring a lot with him to work, then a durable and stylish messenger bag is a great option for them. Stephen uses a similar bag and it’s held up for years!

Folio phone case

These work great as an all-in-one option for dad! No only do they help protect your phone from incidentals, but they double as a stand for when you want to watch video and functions as a wallet too! I bought cases similar to these for Christmas 2 years ago, and Stephen says this his been his favorite gift yet!

Smart tumblr/ mugs

This would be the perfect gift for the dad whose addicted to his coffee. Especially if he works in a place where it might be hard to get a fresh cup. We’ve been having our eye on this one for some time now.

Wooden puzzle

This gift will either make your dad feel as clever as a mother, or super frustrated–but either way, you can’t go wrong with a nice 3D wooden puzzle. These also look great as office decor pieces once thy’ve been solved.

Travel Cocktail Kit

These traveling cocktail kits are great for dads who fly a lot and like to enjoy a drink or two on the plane. They come in different packs with the finishings for a wide variety of cocktails and are TSA approved.

Shave kit

I picked up these shaving kits as groom and groomsmen’s gift for our wedding, and the guys really enjoyed them. The set is great for guys with more sensitive skin and helps to leave a nice smooth finish. And I won’t lie, sometimes I steal Stephen’s set to use for myself.

AI personal assent.

Because I’m a techie gal, I’m always suggesting that people consider getting an AI personal assistant in their homes. Ya’ll already know the I’m partial to the Echo, but Google and Apple’s AI are just as good too. Currently, for Father’s Day, Amazon is run a sell on Echo’s and you can get them for as low as $20!

As always with gift giving, choose a present that will reflect your recipients personality or needs. This list for top Father’s Days gift ideas is the perfect mix of comfort and utility for dads. These gift ideas are a great start if your stuck on what to give and most of them you can find on Amazon with free two day shipping!

What are you getting for your dad on Father’s Day? Let me know down below!

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