I have been asked about this a few times now, and here’s the gag:

If you’re a small blogger/influencer and want great engagement with your photos, you need to be tagging your post, and tagging them properly.

Hashtags are a major factor in getting your post seen. Just using 1 hashtag will boost your engagement by up to 12.6%.

Hashtaging can do amazing things for your engagement, but you have to know how to utilize them correctly. Just throwing cute tags around on your post isn’t going to cut it.

So before we get to this list of 40 hashtags for mommy bloggers, let discuss hashtag themselves and how to get the most out of them.

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Hashtags are a number’s game

There are billions of photos on Instagram, and most of them use hashtags in order to be grouped with liked photos.

High density tags (tags that contain 1,000,000+ post) generally have one or more post added to them per second. This means if you’re only using high density tags, your post are probably being buried beneath hundreds of others within minutes.

In contrast, low density tags (tags containing >30,000 post) generally don’t have many people looking them up. So if you’re only using low density tags, no one is going to see you either (theres a little caveat to this–we’ll get to that later).

The best strategy here is to load up on tags that fall happily in the middle.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags per post (though I aim to add 11-15 per post). So on each of my post, I’ll add 1-2 high density tags that are relevant to my content, and then the rest of the tag I choice to use will contain between 40,000-750,000 post.

I find that in doing this, the medium density tags boost my engagement up enough for me to be better spotted with higher density tags.

The more engagement your post gets, the more likely it is to be promoted on the explore and top tabs.

Shadow Banning

Any crash course on tagging would be incomplete without a warning about shadow banning.

Shadow banning is the idea that Instagram starts blocking your content from being seen by non followers if you use broken/banned tags or if you use the same tags to frequently. The idea here is, if you’re using the same tag in every single post, then it must not be relevant to your content and thus spammy.

Being shadow banned can wreck your growth, but thankfully its easy to avoid. Just make sure you’re only using tags that are relevant to your content and that you’re cycling through the tags you use often.

I have a list of about 60 tags that I like use for the moment and I cycle through them with every post.

Want to know if a hashtag you’re using is currently banned (like did you know that #books is currently banned)? Then check out this useful site here!

Niches Hashtagging

Lastly, lets quickly touch on using niche hashtags. This will go a little bit against the grain of what I perviously said in the first section, but the over all concept is the same.

If you have a well defined niche, then make sure your hash tags reflect that as well. You may find that super niche tags are very low density in the amount of post they have. That okay though, because you know that the people searching that specific tag are your target audience, and are actively looking for what you have to offer.

For example, I like using the hashtags #foodallergyfamily (11.5k post) and #blackmomblogger (14.6k post) even though these tags have low density. While there might not be a lot of people searching for these things, I do know that the few who are are very willing to engage with my posts and are more likely to check out my links.

In contrast the hashtag #likestylebloggers (9k post) isn’t a good suit. This is because its very low density, very general and not at all in my niche.

So with this information, I highly suggest that you take some time and research hash tags that would be great for your particular niche. You can do this be tapping your explore tab and then hitting ‘tags’ to search. Adding your own, more fine-tuned tags to the list below will help you get the best possible exposer on Instagram.

Your quick guide to boost your Instagram engagement

40 Hashtags for Mom Bloggers to use on Instagram

The following tags all contain between 40,000 and 750,00 post at the time of publishing, and have been checked to make sure they aren’t banned or broken. The tags below are appropriate for all mom bloggers and influencers on Instagram. Mix them in with your niche tags and watch your engagement grow!











































  1. Thank you so much for this info! Pretty sure I figured out why my engagement went way down…I was doing exactly what you said not to do. I posted the same group of hashtags every single time…oops!

    1. Yes! IG will ding you for that. Keep a list of tags you like to use and rotate through them. Also IG is updating their algorithm at the moment so a lot of peoples engagement is taking a hit. But it should bounce back to normal soon!

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