Update 1: SAS will beginning online Sunday, the 3rd for anyone who rather order online. The SA I talked with though thinks their will be better deals in stores.

Update 2: Candles online are 50% off, placing them between $12.25 and $11.25 this year. Not the best deal we’ve seen but not terrible either. Also, the majority of candles are on sale BUT NOT ALL OF THEM, so just pay attention.

Select soaps and body washes are between $3-$3.95 and the some of the newer body care items are $7.25 (50% off I think).

Update 3: Test lab candle will be 75% off, the rest that are on sale will be 50%

Update 4: Talked with a SA and it looks like the majority of the fall/winter candles will be 75% off which is great news!


SAS starts June 4th 2018! I’ll keep a running list of all the best deals here!

I don’t have to say it, because ya’ll already know.

I’m a candle addict, and I have ZERO shame about it. So of course, when January and June roll around I’m all geared up for  Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale (SAS).

If you don’t know, SAS is about a month long event at Bath and Body, where products are up to 75% off. And seeing just how expensive their products are normally, these deals just can’t be beat!

I’ve been shopping and stocking up my candles through big sales like this, so I wanted to sit down and share with you some of my best tips for shopping SAS

1 Give them your information

Generally I’m reluctant to give stores my information because I’m not a huge fan of spam. However BBW gives out amazing coupons, to those who are signed up with them. Both through email and mailer. Also keep in mind that BBW has an (totally unofficial) loyalty program. They track your purchases and will generally send out more coupons to those who shop their more frequently. So if you’re not signed up with them, you’re missing out on somer serious coins saved.

2  Forgot your coupons? Use RetailMeNot!

In my experience, whenever I have forgotten a coupon, a kind sales associate would just give me the discount anyways. But if you don’t want to bank on that, you can find a lot of coupons for Bath and Body circulating on RetailMeNot.

3 Expired Coupons? Use them anyways

Some sales associates can get extremely picky about this (understandably so) but Bath and Body allows customers to use coupons up to 3 days after the expiration date! In that same vein, Bath and Body will also generally allow you to use a coupon early, so if you see a great deal that starts after your coupon expires, you should try using it with that purchase anyways!

4 Take advantage of the price adjustment policy

If you just couldn’t wait for SAS (or ended up finding a better deal later), Bath and body allows for a one time price adjustment for items to match their current promotion (so long as the the original purchase was made in the last 14 days!) So keep your receipts.

5 Use discounted gift cards for added savings

You can use sites like Raise.com to buy discounted gift card for added value. A $60 gift card typically sales for $55.34, an ~8% savings! You can save even more when you uses Ebates, as they offer 1% cash back on all purchases from Raise. Added bonus! New members can get $5 off their first gift card purchase!

6 Do your best to NOT shop online

While shopping online offers so many benefits (I wrote a blog on this, I love shopping online!), one thing that’s kind of hard to get over is the fact that Bath and Body doesn’t typically offer free shipping. Instead, they opt for a flat rate of $5.99. This means any savings you were getting will be cut into. Most sales that Bath and Body offers online are just not worth the price of shipping if you can make it to the store in person.

The only exception to this would be when they are offering free shipping with no other code needed for discounting products, since you can’t stack promo codes on their site.

If you do shop on their site, then make sure to use Ebates to get 1% cash back on your purchase

7 Certain coupons can be stacked!

During SAS, Bath and Body hands out $10 off of $40 like hot cakes. What’s even better though is that you can stack that coupon with a “FREE ITEM” coupon too, giving you added value!

8 SAS deals apply to White Barn too

If you’re lucky enough to have a White Barn in your neck off the woods, then the sweet SAS deals apply there too! White Barn typically offers a more variety of candles and decor, so if you can, hit them up!


Use: SP3TWPC for 20% off online purchases

Use: GOHAUL for $10 off of $40 online

Sample deals!

These are just some of the sample deals that I’ve been going over to prep for SAS. I wanted to share them with you so you can see just what kind of savings you can get!

Candles for $5

*Assuming candles will be 50-75% off

Using a $10 off $40 coupon, $10 candle come out to be $7.5 when bought in groups of 4

Candles that are 75% off come out to be about $4.75 with this same coupon when you get 7

Getting the most value!

Buy 3 lotions, 3 shower gels and 1 wallflower at $3 each

Buy 2 candles at $10 each

Pick up a Sea-Tox body wash for $13.50

Use a $10 of $40 coupon stacked with a FREE ITEM & get 10 things for $31 ($109 savings!)

Discloser Notice: The above blog contains links for your convince. Some of these thinks are affiliate and referral links. Feel free to use these or visit the sites using your own or different links! =]

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