I had a bit of a lull moment with work yesterday so figured that I should rummage through my hard drive and find some old photos to mess around with and edit.

I take so many photos of us, just in our daily life and while we’re out and about that I hardly have time to truly look over them and edit them the way I want when I get back to client work.

So I was scrolling through my ‘Vacation’ folder and come across our honeymoon photos from Nassau, Bahamas and just become flooded with all the happy memories that came from that trip.


We spent the majority of our time on Nassau, and the island is truly gorgeous– both in terms of it’s physical beauty and of the people who live there. Stephen and I opted to stay in an AirBnB owned by a local islander that was nested deep in the mangroves, and it was romantically secluded. Every morning while we were there, we woke to the sounds of birds as we overlooked the clear waters through the coconut trees.


We made a strong effort on most days to get out and experience the Bohemian culture for everything they had to offer– from the food, to the music and even the ruins that they had on the island. But I do not feel guilty in saying that I happily spent the vast majority of our time there being a mermaid at the beach and blissfully tanning in the sun (with 100 SPF on of course)

It was on our last day in Nassau that I wrangled my new husband into doing a portrait session with me on the priority that we were staying. I made a makeshift tripod out of a folding table and chairs and it worked out well enough for us.

bahamas-4bahamas-1S&M Honeymoon

My biggest regret about this trip is that I did not take many photos (I didn’t have my mirrorless at the time and didn’t want to leave my working camera unattended on the beach). But I am very thankful that I had the GoPro and that we capture an amazing honeymoon vlog.


Let me know in the comments what was one of your favorite vacations! I would love to hear your stories!

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