Author: Monica A Boatwright

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I’m a major lip junkie. I’m willing to try almost any lipstick that is out there. But my all time favorite liquid lip product has got to be the Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue (Chanel Lip Duo’s)!

Chanel Lip Duos have been out for a long while now, but I just discovered them 2 years ago on a birthday trip up to Spokane.

I’m often asked how my lipstick stay’s looking amazing all throughout brunch or dinner dates and these Lip Duo’s are always my answer.

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The moment I saw this bag, I was obsessed. I started seeing advertisements for it on Facebook around November and just knew that I had to get my hands on it. A huge part of this obsession I feel like stems from FOMO. A few years ago, I literally had the Prada Heart shaped Oddet bag in my cart, but let it go because it wasn’t pink! I have regretted that decision for a while now, and really didn’t want that to happen again.

The day it came out in December, my husband bought it for me as a “get well soon” gift and I have been using it pretty consistently ever since.

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I’ve been on a Saint Laurent kick as of late and recently purchased the Saint Laurent Monogram Quilted Clutch to add to my collection.

If you watch this video here, you’ll know it was love at first sight. But now that I’ve had the bag for a few weeks, I wanted to share what my experience has been thus far and weather or not this would be a purchase I would recommend. I’ll cover all the initial pros and cons I’ve seen thus far and hopefully give you a better idea on if this bag is right for you.

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It’s no secret that I love Walmart. Since moving to a smaller town, Walmart has constantly been a place that could be a one stop shop for all our basics needs.

In recent years, Walmart has put a huge focus on upping the quality of the products they source and this defiantly rings true for their clothing. Nowadays, Walmart holds a huge selection of seasonal pieces to choose from from a variety of brands that are on trend and won’t break your bank.