Spring 2021 Best Amazon Fashion Dupes

This post contains affiliate links. They are placed for your convenience. If you choose to use them, I earn a small commission that I use to support this blog. All opinions are my own.

I love a good dupe.

Designer and lux goods are beautiful, fun and can even be great investments for the future. But sometimes, I just want to get the look for less. Especially if you already have a designer piece in one color and want to try out another, you don’t always want to shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars for essentially the same product twice.

Dupes are also a great way to test out if a style is for you. I have saved so much money and hassle getting a dupe first when it came to an item I wasn’t quite sold on. And reversely, I have gone ahead and purchased lots of designer items after trying out the dupe first and loving it.

I understand that some dupes can be very controversial and that there is a lot of criticism out there over them. I think all of that is a fair conversation to have. However, I personally feel that so long as a piece isn’t trying to pass itself off as the actually designer brand they were inspired by, then there’s room for them in the fashion industry too.

Chole Faye Backpack Mini Dupe from Amazon. MonniBee.Blog

If there is a particular dupe that you are looking for, Amazon is likely to have it. The only issue is, things get pulled and moved around on Amazon so much, that it can be difficult to find what you are looking for.

No worries! Listed below are some of the top styles for 2021 and links to dupes on Amazon. I have tried many of these myself and I really enjoy using them to style. And the best part is, they didn’t break the bank.

I went ahead and styled the pieces I own. If you’re interested in checking anything out, just click on the mini product photos below.


Dumpling style

Dumpling style bag from Amazon. MonniBee.Blog

I’m loving this style bag at the moment. These bags come in a variety of sizes and colors. The smaller versions are great for dumping all your necessities into for those quick lockdown errands.

Picture from last year when I was pregnant. And still pregnant now lol-MonniBee.Blog

I haven’t yet to purchase a tote style bag from amazon, but these ones are really popular. If you are someone who still needs to carry a lot of things with you on a daily bases, give these a try.

Tote Style

Classic Flap

The Rebecca Minkoff Love crossbody .MonniBee.Blog

The flap style bags tend to go with just about everything. Finding a good dupe for these on amazon can be tricky at times. However, they do carry Rebecca Minkoff and her bags are a great match if you’re wanting the Chanel look on a budget.

Shoulder Bags

Karl Lagerfeld agyness bag-MonniBee.Blog

As a mom, shoulder bags are one of the most useful for me, as they allow me to be hands free! Karl Lagerfeld’s Agyness bag is the prefect match if you’re looking for a Chanel dupe.


Valentino Dupes From Amazon–MonniBee.Blog

Amazon has so many dupes for shoes. I loved these dupes for the Valentino Rock Studs so much that it inspired me to buy the real pair.


Dupes for Celin Sunglasses and the popular guitar style strap many brands offers–MonniiBee.Blog

One thing that I generally don’t spend a lot of money on are accessories. I’ve had these Celine sunglass dupes and this guitar style strap for about a year now also and they both look great and a price I’m very happy with!

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